Understanding the main points


    1. Dasadarma is a moral terms. Therefore, Dasadarma includes moral principles that must be planted to scouts so they can develop into human character, citizens of the Republic of Indonesia is faithful, and well able to appreciate and love the sesame humans and nature created by God Almighty.

    2. Indonesia is a country Republlik law based on the philosophy of Pancasila, therefore, the formulation contains Dasadarma Scouts description of Pancasila in daily life.

    3. Which means ten Dasadarma behavioral guidelines are a means to implement satya (appointments, Pledge, and conscience). Thus, the Scouts Dasadarma first is the practice of Trisatya provisions and then equipped with the noble values of useful life in order.

Explanation of each Darma

    1. Darma pertama: Takwa kepada Tuhan Yang MahaEsa (Takwa in God Almighty)

    • 1. Introduction

    • What was described in the Trisatya about running duty to God and contained in the first Dasadarma already be a bit distinguished that:

    • In the Trisatya, that phrase is a promise (pledge) diresapkan someone who inwardly or herself while in her heart or sedngkan that is in the first Dasadarma is a kongret manifestations in behavior or attitude,

    • Or with other word in Trisatya it is something that is in the interior and contained in the darma is looking outward. Therefore contained in Dasadarma is not a repetition, but the suppressor

    • 2. Definition

        • 1.Takwa

      • 1. Understanding self-restraint are all kinds, among other things: to survive, noble, dedicated, working on the main and left behind a despicable, careful, preserved, and others.

      • 2. Essentially self-restraint is the business and activities are the main person in the development of life. For the Indonesian people who berketuhanan Almighty, who became his life goal is safety, peace, unity and integrity of both the world and dikhirat, this life goal can only be achieved by simply Ynag piety to God Almighty, namely:

      • 1. Withstand the temptations of life, fenced and berperisal to maintain itself from lust drive.

      • 2. Obey implement the teachings of God, doing good and useful, and away from all the bad and what does not work for himself or for society and all mankind.

      • 3. Restore, give to the Lord of all and charity darma devote his efforts to get the appraisal; as God wants this attitude is the attitude of a person to another person who is considered to overcome himself, and even overcome it all, so that a person express reverence and devotion, and praise, and other meluhurkan -Another of the other person is deemed Almighty,

        • 2. God

    • . Here we can try to understand our understanding of God stems from humanitarian baaik among others awarded the reason, nor from his own divine revelation contained in the scriptures revealed to us through the prophet / Rosul.

      • 1. , God is a substance that is absolutely existing. Substance which is the source or cause of all things in the universe (couse prime or first cause).

      • Therefore, he can not be equated or compared with anything available. He was overcome, past, and through it all.

      • 2. From the revelation of God himself who is given to us through word or his word in the Bible, we can know that He is the creator of the Almighty, the All-Cheap, Most Merciful Lord made the universe, including man, without taking a substance or using a tool. . Previously there was none to be, from the lowest level to the highest level and the sublime. From which no soul to the soul and spirit, of God’s handiwork, we can recognize all sorts of qualities of God that is over and deal with what is contained in this universe, especially the revelation of God Himself. We can also understand the mystery of God.. Therefore, we can not compare the natural substances with which the divine in nature style. This also includes the nature of God Almighty. But as a man insane, we will try to understand what it means to God’s esa.

      • 3. Esa = one / single.

      • The point is not “one” that can be calculated. One that can be counted is the one that can be shared or compared to comparable. Thus, one or Esa in God is absolute. One / single that can not be divided and compared.

      • .“There is no God but Allah”.

    • 3. Talking about taakwa understanding God Almighty can not be separated daari moral sense, manners, and morals.

    • Morals, manners or morals are being driven by the spirit of the cause of human actions and deeds of the Lord, against sesamamanusia, sesame creatures, and against self. Morals of God Almighty including love, fear, hope, gratitude, repentance, sincere to God, to love or hate because of God.. Morals of God Almighty contain elements righteous, believe in God Almighty, and virtuous noble character.

    • Morality of human or to society include filial to parents, good relationships between sesame, shy, honest, friendly, helping, price appreciation, forgiveness, nurturing family, and others. moral of  human element contains elements of humanitarian relations good human relations to one another akhluk character of the living God or a dead body include compassion, like maintain, civilized, and so on,

    • Morals of sesame contains elements of God’s creatures humanity.

    • Morality of self includes: maintaining dignity, courage to defend the rights, responsibilities diligently, stay away from arrogant, the properties of two-faced cowardice, envy, greedy, greedy, desperate hurry, and so on.

    • Morality of self-contained elements of a noble character, courage introspective, and able to adapt.

    • 3. Implementation

    • 1. In accordance with the purpose of the Scout Movement directing students into human personality and noble character, and also because the philosophy of life based on Pancasila, the Indonesian people, then already ought  faith in the Lord of each of the students diperdalama and diperkuat.iman students to God’s bellum enough if only we give the teaching of oral / written without any concrete manifestation in the life behavior of the students.

    • So, what is believed from religion and beliefs about God must be described in a manner that real life and can be felt by neighborhood,because it would have if the Scout Movement kepicangan can only put forward the doctrine of piety to God Almighty, but not providing guidance and opportunity the learners to carry out this first darmanya. To realize the ideals of Scout Movement, in this case a lot of dating and methods that can be implemented, according to age and ability level of students and their respective beliefs.

    • Dapaat’s methods differ, but the goal would be only one, Indonesia is the creation of a complete human being and a perfect (Pancasila).

    • All sorts of provision of moral / good in teaching stored religion (as stated in darma darma next) ought developed in the attitudes of the students. Darma-darma is the embodiment forms kongret of God takwanya next prayer, prayer, and other forms of worship.

    • As an example.

    • The attitude of love and love faithful, obedient, fair, honest, pure, and others is the manifestation and realization of one’s devotion to God. It’s hard to say that is not really honest person he was directing piety to God, but he acted in live and being hated, unfair, unjust, and so forth against each other.

    • 2. Therefore, in practice, develop devotion to God can be implemented in all scouting activities ranging from playing to work together and live together.

    • In games activities, we are able menamkan properties honest, obedient, loyal and brave.

    • If the child is accustomed bermaian like that, then he will develop into a good person, noble character and personality.

    • Finally, sesame would be useful to humans, society, nation and country. All this is based on no other takwanya to God.

    • 3. Lead children to practice their religion,

    • 4. Holding warnings religious holidays.

    • 5. Respect other religious people.

    • 6. Organizing religious cermah.

    • 7. Honoring  parents.

2. Darma kedua: Cinta alam dan kasih sayang sesama manusia (love of nature and human compassion)

    a. Definition
    • 1. God Almighty has created the entire universe is composed of humans, animals, plants, and natural objects.

    • Earth, nature, animals, and plants are created by God for the welfare of manusia.Karena it for granted the gift of God is managed, used, and built.

    • As a creature of God is complete with reason, sense, initiative and work, and the fifth human inderia deserve to know the meaning of the whole creation.

    • Reasonable and is worth the Boy Scouts, naturally, bestow the love of natural surroundings (natural objects, animals, and plants), love of neighbor and fellow human beings live and maintain its sustainability.

    • Preservation of natural objects, animals, and plants need to be kept and maintained kaarena forest land, coast, fauna, and flora and the sea is a natural resource that needs to developed to support the present generations of life and maintain its sustainability for future generations of life.

    • In addition, as an archipelagic State utilization of coastal zones and oceans sustainability while maintaining a mini-style tackle marine pollution, maintenance of forest, mangrove forest and swamp forests, and the development of marine cultivation occupies an important place as well.

    • 2. The meaning of love and saying if humans can share the joy and pain, especially around human nature. Human groups is the nations of the State contained in this world. Ingindan If we want to understand and deal with other nations so that sayanglah compassion can bring us to anyone. As such, it will create peace and friendship between people and between nations.

    • Especially as a Boy Scout Scout considers other and both from Indonesia and other nations because as brother each have satya and terms darma as moral. Indonesian Scouts who aims to become the human personality and noble character was fitting that he would attempt to leave the character who can keep it with other of God’s creation with properties full of love and love saying.

    • 3. Darma is a guide to practice the second principle of Pancasila

    b. Implementation of everyday life.

    • 1) Bringing in learners’ circumstances-free botanical garden in order to know and recognize the various types of vegetation .  to maintain they home planting respectively. This may be required to achieve specific skills mark.

    • 2) The same is true of our attitudes toward animals, perkenalakan learners with the nature of each type of animal to know its benefits. Anjurkan juga memelihara dengan baik binatang yang mereka miliki. Instruct also maintain a good animal they own.

    • 1.love not be separated from the human embodiment of humility as being against the majesty of His creation.Our devotion to God Almighty must be lived all his life. . In addition, the need to build the main character, among others, personal unselfishness, respect for others even though no nation and religion. Similarly, children with Scouts worldwide.

    • 2.Someone else we know and we gradually close will arise a sense of love of nature and love of fellow human beings saying. Think this could inspire a sense close to Al-Khalik, because not blocked by resentment, anger and attributes that are not praiseworthy, therefore, we realize the greatness of God Almighty.

    3.  Darma Ketiga : Patriot yang sopan dan ksatria (The Patriot polite and knights)

    a. Definition

    • 1. Patriot is the son of the Nation, as an Indonesian citizen Reoublik, a Scout is a good son, devoted, loyal and ready to defend their homeland.

    • 2. Polite is a smooth behavior and respect others. People are polite to be warm-hearted and friendly rather than haters and always liked other people.

    • 3. The Knights also contains the meaning of heroism, courageous character and honesty. Jadi, kata ksatria mengandung makna keberanian, kejujuran, dan kepahlawanan. So, the word meaning warrior courage, honesty, and heroism.

    • 4. A Scout who comply with this darma, together with other citizens who have a conscience and an attitude defend his homeland, uphold the dignity of his people.

    • 5. This go round Darma practice guidance for the third Pancasila.

    b. Implementation in Daily Life

    • 1. Familiarize and encourage members of the Boy Scouts to:

    • 1. respect and understand and appreciate the State symbol, the Red and White flag and national anthem Indonesia Raya.

    • 2. recognize the noble values of the Indonesian nation sepeerti kekeluaargaan, mutual assistance, suave, religious, and others.

    • 3. Love the language, arts and culture, and history of Indonesia.

    • 4. Understood, menghayaati, practice and secure the Pancasila.

    • 2. . Know customs indigenous tribes in Indonesia.

    • 3. Common interests of the private self-interest. Always helpful and defend the weak and right.

    • 4. Get used to dare to admit mistakes and correct membenaarkan.

    • 5. Respect parents, teachers and leaders.

    4.  Darma keempaat: Patuh dan suka bermusyawarah . (Compliance and likes deliberation.)

      1. Compliance means loyal and willing to do sesuaaatu agreed and determined.
      2. The Council is the main behavior of a Democrat who respects other people’s opinions. People who like to avoid a discussion, an authoritarian attitude and arbitrarily own. In every movement and action involving other people, another good one with people who engage in employment or in other forms of organization.
      3. Darma is a guide to practice Pancasila four.

      1. Definition

        1. Allowing myself to keep his word, obey the rules set out in gugusdepan and obey regulations in RT / RK, wards and villages, schools and statutory rules and regulations.

        2. Implementation in Daily Life

          1. Learn to hear the opinions of people, appreciate the ideas of others.
          2. Used to formulate an agreement with the interests of the people attention
          3. Allowing myself to a discussion, prior to carrying out an activity (eg going camping, Widyawisata and others).

          For example, faithfully following the training paid his dues, to obey the rules and llintas and others.

          5.  Darma kelima: Rela menolong dan tabah (Real help and steadfast)

          a. Definition

          • 1. . Willing or willing is an act done without taking into account gains and losses (with no strings attached). Willing to help means to do good deeds for the sake of others less fortunate.. With the purpose, so that people who had helped to resolve the meaning or later be able to complete the problems facing the challenges

          • 2. Although one knows that its job will face difficulties, but he did not resign and did not hesitate.

          • 3. Darma is a guide to practice the five precepts of Pancasila.

          • 1. Adapt quickly to help an accident without being asked

          • 2. Help cross the street to the old, women.

          • 3. Provides a place in public places to parents and female.

          • 4. Gradually get used to overcome the problems of everyday life at home, and in the community ..

          • 6.  Darma keenam : Rajin, terampil, dan gembira (Diligent, skilled, and happy)


            1. Diligent

          • Human beings are distinguished by other kaarena he has created intellect. Thus should mengmbangkan themselves with reading, writing, and learning, In other words, he lived in the natural process of educating themselves.

          • Moreover, development of science and technology has skyrocketed so quickly, it becomes our duty to encourage all students (and adults) to always study hard, always trying hard, always continue to develop themselves, and always orderly duty.

          • 2. Skilled

          • Every human being can haarus beeerupaya to stand on their own feet. For that matter, who became the main requirement is the expertise and skills and can do a task quickly and precisely with good results.

          • 3. Happy

          • That human life and support to find a way how to live well.For that he must work for a living, and together with others he cooperated.

          • Many difficulties, obstacles, and obstacles faced. And these challenges will be overcome with a strong motivational forceAn effort to get this motivation is human must be able to think clear, calm spirit, and balanced.

          • This can be achieved when people are always looking for things that are positive and optimistic.

          • Positip attitude, optimism was obtained with a carefree attitude that caused joy. Joy is the feeling of pleasure and pride that lead to activities and even a sense of courage.

          • 4. Diligent, skilled, and happy should always be applied in every business and activities.

          b. Implementation of Everyday Life haari

          • . 1. reading a good book.

          • 2.make a  paper.

          • 3.discussions to learning; cultivate the mind, express their opinions.

          • 4. fixed daily schedule for learning.

          • Studied for two hours a day is feasible.

          • 5.Set activities by adjusting the activities at school, at home and the Scout Movement.

          • 6.Arrange a schedule of daily activities.

          • 1. Explain that behind the difficulties, failures, and there is always kekewaan things good and useful.

          • 2. Get used to working according to the benefits and adjusted to the ability.

          • 3. Don’t be to quick rebuke, to ctitize or blaming others.

          • 4. Highlight a value and performance.

          • 5. Give the burden and the task continues to grow.

          • 6. Trying to work with the plan.

          • 7. Have fun in every business.

          • 8. Complete every task workers, do not delay until the next day.

          3) Skilled

          • 1. Please choose a type of skill and expertise appropriate to their talents.

          • 2. Practice constantly.

          • 3. Do not get satisfied when you finish working on something.

          • 4. Ask for guidance from someone more experienced.

          • 5. Do not reject any pekeerjaan tasks given to you.

          • Perform duties in the best possible fit with the existing capabilities.

          7. Darma ketujuh: Hermat, cermat, dan bersahaja (save, thorough, and humble)
        • a Definition

          1) Save

          • 1. Save not beraaati “stingy” but more directed to do dapatnya a Boy Scout and an appropriate use according to its usefulness.

          • 2. Spiritually, can mean an effort to fight air nad \ fsu humans from excessive desire to harm yourself and others; (money, self discipline).

          • Save not mean a social but for more possible in giving the possibility of social enterprise to the other party, (leisure, energy, time, etc.) are more profitable.

          • 3. Materially, can mean memanfaaatkan something (material) as needed so that efforts can be useful not dammed so that it can be useful for her own and other ornag.

          2) DELEGATION

          • More careful means “careful” attitude la Scout should always be careful both about himself (introspection) and the advent of the curved himself that he is always alert.

          • A Scout must be intelligent, skilled that he always avoid mistakes and errors.

          • He should try to do something with the planned and useful.

          • 3) modest

          • This is more meaningful, simpler natural simplicity and moderation so as to provide the possibility for drawing people (personal appearance) and raises the ability to live with what is obtained without harming the legitimate in yourself and others ornag. He should be able to coordinate between keinginkan and ability, can also mean humble courage to express something real.

            1. Using the right time to school, sleeping, eating, exercise and so on.
            2. Not careless.
            3. Act with care at the right time so he would not corrupted by the evil desire from the outside.
            4. . Conscious of himself as a person.
            5. Dressed in a simple no excessive jewelry, excessive
            6. Researching do before accuracy something to occur in the implementation.
            7. The use of electricity (day off).
            8. User water is not wasted.
            9. Checking before work submitted to the coach.
            10. Using merchandise that is peddled by saving money.
            11. Familiarize children  shopping and market regularly.
            12. Giving children responsibility for Tugs at home and the other = other.
            13. Used to save
            14. Working on merit and plans

            b. Implementation in Daily Life

            • . .

            • 8. Darma kedelapan: Disiplin,  berani dan  Setia (Discipline, courage and Faithful)

            • a. Definition

            • 1. Discipline in a broad sense means obedient and follow the leader and / or rules and regulations.

            • 2. In a more specific sense, restraint and discipline Berti control.

            • 3. Dare is a mental attitude to be willing to face and overcome the problems and challenges.

            • 4. Faithful is still at an establishment and provision.

            • 5. Thus, the discipline not blindly carry out orders, ketnetuan and regulations, as a human creation of God, one must dare berbuaaaat under consideration and a higher value.

            b. Implementation of Everyday Life haaaari

            • 1. Trying to control and seting self (self discipline).

            • 2.

            • 3. Adopting the teachings of religious worship,

            • 4. learn to assess reality, evidence and truth of a statement (information).

            • 5. Compliance with the consideration and confidence.

            9.  Darma kesembilan: Bertanggungjawab dan dapat dipercaya (Responsible and trustworthy)

            • a. Definition and Implementation dalan everyday life.

            • 1.meaning responsible is:

            • The scout is responsible for everything done well on perinnntah or not, especially personally responsible for the state, nation, society and families such as:

              • 1. Everything told, must be done with a full sense of responsibility.

              • 2. Everything that is done on their own will be done with a full sense of responsibility.

              • 3. Scouts must dare to be responsible for an action taken, outside the command given to him because the order can not or difficult implementation,

              • 4. A Scout will not evade responsibility by a suaatu reasons sought,

            • The goal is to educate and put a big responsibility suaaatu him.

            • 2. . The definition of reliable is: The scout can be trusted, either words or deeds.

            • For example:

              • 1. Reliable means too honest, that is true to themselves, to their students and the people lai n particularly those involving money, materials and others.

              • 2. Scouts can be trusted top-katannya words, deeds, etc., what he said was not suaaatu compositions made up.

              • 3. When he was assigned to carry out something, then he can be trusted that he would do well.

              • 4. In everyday life, where and at any time can be trusted scouts that he would not do something that is not good, though no one knows or is watching.

              • 5. Always keep the appointed time,

            • The purpose is to educate the Scouts to be honest and  reliable  will  behavior.

            • 1. A mature soul Scouts say, when Scout was in each of his behavior has done a portrait of the saint in thought, word and deed

            • 2. Holy berate in mind that the Scouts are always looking and thinking about something that in terms of good or a lesson and did not occur at all in the direction of thinking that is not good.

            • 3. Sacred in every word of what was said was true, honest, trustworthy seerta with oeng offending others.

            • 4. Sacred in peerbuatan as a result of thought and speech is sacred, then the scout must be able and capable of doing good and right for the interests of the State, nation, religion and family.

            • 5. By always doing thoughts, words and deeds of the holy will create an understanding and awareness of the soul by implication that the Boy Scouts scout memukan himself in accordance with the Scout Movement goals include: “Being human personality and noble character, high morals metal pekerati and strong mind beragamanya beliefs … “

            b. Implementation in Daily Life

            • 1. A Scout is always good to contribute thoughts, not prejudiced, and should not have attitudes teercela and always appreciate the thoughts of others. Sehingga timbul salaing haarga menghargai sesame manusia dalam kehidupannya sehari-hari. Salaing causing human sesame haarga value in everyday life.

            • 2. A Scout will always be careful and do my best to control aterhadap words, and distanced themselves from the words that are not appropriate and lead to lack percaayaan others.

            • 3. A Scout will be a personal example in all of his behavior and distanced themselves from acts that are bad in people’s lives.

            • 4. . Each Scout has a handle on life is religion, it is clear here that the Scouts were not the only religion in thought and speech alone, but diversity is also reflected in the Boy Scouts of real action.

            • 5. Attempt to scout one in word and deed.

        • 10. Darma kesepuluh : Suci dalam pikiran Perkataan dan perbuatan 10. Darma tenth: in the mind of the Holy Words and deeds

          a. Definition

        • A mature soul Scouts say, when Scout was in each of his behavior has done a portrait of the saint in thought, word and deed
        • Holy berate in mind that the Scouts are always looking and thinking about something that in terms of good or a lesson and did not occur at all in the direction of thinking that is not good.
        • Sacred in every word of what was said was true, honest, trustworthy seerta with oeng offending others.
        • a result of thought and speech is sacred, then the scout must be able and capable of doing good and right for the interests of the State, nation, religion and family. b. Implementation of everyday life

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