Basic Principles and Methods of Gerakan Kepramukaan

    (1) Basic Principles and Methods Kepramukaan is a distinguishing characteristic from other educational scouting.
    (2) Principles and Methods Kepramukaan is a two-element integrated educational process to be applied in every activity.

(3) Basic Principles and Methods Kepramukaan implemented in accordance with the interests, needs, situations, and conditions.


(1) Scouting Principles are:

    I Faith and piety to God Almighty;
    Concerned about the nation and homeland, fellow everything in life and nature;
    Personal care for self;
    Obey the Scout Honor Code.
    Scouting Principles as a norm of life of a member of the Scout Movement, inculcated and nurtured through a process of reception by and for his personal self, for students assisted by the coach, so that the implementation and practice done with full awareness, independence, caring, responsibility and moral attachment, either as personal and community members. Voluntarily accept the Basic Principles is the essence of Scouting Boy Scouts, both
    as being God Almighty, social beings, and individuals who realize that the personal self:
    Obey Almighty God and worship according to the procedure of which she embraced the religion and to execute all the commands and prohibitions away.
    Recognizing that human beings do not live alone, but living together with other creatures were created by Almighty God, especially fellow human beings who have been given a higher degree than other creatures. In common life by the principles of fair humanity and civilized.
    Given a place to live and thrive by Almighty God on earth derived from soil, water and air, which is a place for people to live together, family, community, nation and state in harmony and peace.
    Have an obligation to maintain and preserve the social environment and strengthen the unity, accepting diversity within the Unitary Republic of Indonesia.
    Requires a clean environment and healthy in order to support / provide comfort and well-being of his life. Because of that man must care about the environment in a way to preserve, maintain and create a good environment.

Among systems

    (1) Education in the GERAKAN PRAMUKA in terms of the relationship between the builder with young members and young adult members among systems.
    (2) Among  system meant to educate members of the Scout Movement became an independent human body, Spiritual, and his mind, accompanied by a sense of responsibility and awareness of the importance of partnering with others.
    (3) The system requires that among adult members of the Scout Movement implement the principles of leadership as follows:
    a. a. Ing ngarso sung tulodo ( in front  be exemplary);
    b. b. Ing madyo mangun karso (point in the middle  will build);
    c. Tut wuri handayani (intention behind giving encouragement and a good influence in the direction of independence.)

(4) In performing its duties shall be adult members and behave according to:

    a. Love, honesty, justice, propriety, simplicity, ability to sacrifice and social solidarity.
    b. Discipline with initiative and responsibility for self, fellow human beings, the state and nation, nature and environment, and responsible to God Almighty.
    (5) relationship with members of the young adult and young adult members of a special relationship, that each adult member shall take into consideration the development of young members and young adult members in person to the attention of the coaching can be conducted in accordance with the purpose of scouting.
  1. Adult members trying to gradually hand over the leadership of the activities as much as possible to the young adult members, while the adult members of a partnership to encourage, encouragement and good influence.


Motto Scout Movement is an integral part of education process to remind each member of the Scout Movement activities that each megikuti means preparing yourself to practice the Boy Scout code of honor.


Benefits Motto Scout Movement for the Soul of the Boy Scouts, among others:

  1. Menanamkam confidence.
  2. Adding a spirit of dedication to the community, nation and state.
  3. Ready to practice and Darma Satya Scouts.
  4. Rasa bangga sebagai Pramuka. Sense of pride as a Boy Scout.
  5. Own Work based Buadaya devotion.

Motto Scout Movement must be lived and always be remembered for the scouts to realize the practice Satya and Darma Scouts in daily life.

To enhance the pride and solidarity in the Scout Movement units (eg shelves), in addition to mandatory use Motto Scout Movement is allowed to make a motto Units in their respective units.